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President Biden Under Fire In Ohio For Lack Of Attention To Derailment

President Joe Biden is coming under fire from Republican leaders in Ohio for his lack of attention to the toxic train derailment in East Palestine. Even though this disaster occurred three weeks ago, President Biden has yet to visit or even talk with the mayor of East Palestine.

Many Republicans are questioning why President Biden has not done more to address this issue. They argue that a president who claims to care about working-class Americans should be taking a proactive approach and showing support for those affected by the derailment.

Meanwhile, President Biden has stated that he has spoken with the senators and governors from both Pennsylvania and Ohio regarding this issue and that all necessary resources have been made available. He also pointed out that within two hours of the derailment, EPA officials were on site.

However, many Republicans believe it is unacceptable for President Biden not to have at least spoken with the mayor of East Palestine. They argue that a president should take an active interest in issues like this one and demonstrate their commitment to helping those affected by providing direct assistance.

It remains to be seen if President Biden will make any effort to travel to East Palestine or speak directly with its mayor. The longer he waits, however, the more criticism he will face from Republican leaders who accuse him of neglecting an important issue affecting working-class Americans in Ohio.

President Trump Visits East Palestine: “Our Whole Country Is Breaking Down”

President Donald Trump visited the small town of East Palestine, Ohio on Wednesday to deliver truckloads of pallets of bottled water to the residents affected by a recent train derailment that spilled toxic chemicals into the area. Trump was accompanied by Senator J.D. Vance and Representative Bill Johnson, both Republicans from Ohio. The people of East Palestine gathered in City Park to show their support for the former president and were heard chanting “Trump 24!” and “We love Trump!”

At the Fire Department, President Trump delivered an uplifting speech emphasizing that East Palestine is not forgotten and that his administration will stay with them in their fight for accountability. He also noted that it was strange for FEMA to deny assistance at first but changed their tune when he announced his visit. Senator Vance echoed these sentiments, thanking President Trump for shedding light on the situation in such a time of need. Mayor Trent R. Conaway expressed hope that this community will not only recover but be stronger than before.

After visiting with firefighters, President Trump surprised everyone by stopping at a local Mcdonald’s where he bought food for everyone inside plus both fire and police departments. He handed out red Make America Great Again hats which put smiles on everyone’s faces as they talked with him about his presidency while he conversed with employees and residents inside the restaurant.

President Trump then departed but not before noting how Joe Biden should have been in East Palestine instead of Ukraine earlier this week, calling it “very strange” that Secretary Pete Buttigieg hadn’t been there sooner either – whom he humorously referred to as “Boot Edge Edge” – saying “our whole country is breaking down.” Secretary Buttigieg is now planning to follow President Trump’s lead and head to East Palestine soon too.

Pfizer Denies Involvement In Unethical Gain-Of-Function Research For Coronavirus

Pfizer has denied any involvement in gain-of-function research for the coronavirus virus. The pharmaceutical giant responded to a letter sent by Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) with a letter that clearly stated they do not engage in research to create or adapt viruses to make them more contagious or harmful to people.

In the same letter, Pfizer explained that when new variants of the virus emerge, they study changes in its spike protein to understand if their vaccine needs updating. This type of work is done to assess the effectiveness of existing vaccines and new vaccine candidates targeted at currently circulating variants. It is also conducted by other companies, institutions, and public health authorities.

Pfizer also evaluates variants for the effectiveness of its oral treatment Paxlovid which could be used to treat coronavirus symptoms. Pfizer said this work is done in highly secure laboratories and never tested on animals.

The inquiry began after Project Veritas released a video featuring Jordon Trishton Walker, a Pfizer Director of Research and Development Strategic Operations who talked about “directed evolution” at Pfizer labs. Rep. Ronny Jackson was alarmed at the potential risk posed to public health and wrote a letter demanding answers from Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on whether this gain-of-function research was taking place at their company’s labs or not.

Thankfully, Pfizer has strongly denied involvement in such unethical activities that prioritize profits over public safety by conducting dangerous experiments on human lives. They have reiterated their commitment to keeping high standards of safety, quality, and compliance at all times during their research efforts for an effective treatment for COVID-19 symptoms as well as preventing further spread through vaccinations.

Metal Manufacturing Plant Explodes In Bedford, Ohio; Casualties Reported

Monday afternoon in Bedford, Ohio was marked by a tragic event when an explosion occurred at the I Schumann & Co. metal manufacturing plant. The incident resulted in multiple casualties, with at least 14 people being hospitalized, including one individual in critical condition. Emergency services had to deploy several medical helicopters to the scene and most of the local fire departments responded as well.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown, but thick smoke could be seen billowing from the scene from nearby highways. It comes as Ohio already faces a difficult situation after a train derailment two weeks ago in East Palestine that necessitated a controlled detonation to get rid of toxic chemicals and created a huge dark plume of smoke that spread across social media platforms.

Explosions like these can cause serious damage and injury not just to those directly involved but also to bystanders who may be close by at the time of impact. The families affected by this terrible accident have our thoughts and prayers during this trying time, and we hope for a swift recovery for those injured so that they may return home soon safe and sound.

Republicans Criticize Biden For Putting America Last

Republicans in Congress are criticizing President Joe Biden for his surprise visit to Ukraine on Monday. They argue that the president should have placed the worries of Americans first, such as the recent toxic train derailment in Ohio and the surge in illegal migration at the southern border.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) said that Biden’s visit is an example of his administration “putting America last”. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) also noted that it was Presidents’ Day and he wasn’t surprised Biden chose to go to Ukraine instead of East Palestine, Ohio.

Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) also commented on Biden’s decision, noting how he has failed to visit East Palestine while former President Donald Trump plans on going there this week.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) called Biden’s visit “breathtaking”, saying that he can show up in Ukraine to ensure their borders are secure but not do the same for America considering millions of migrants have flooded across the border illegally under Biden’s administration.

Finally, Rep Thomas Massie (R-KY) warned senators to brace themselves for transparency and accountability when it comes to taxpayers’ money as he plans on using his seat on the House Rules Committee to excise Ukraine funding from larger bills if Republicans take back control of Congress again.

9/11 Attorney Warns Residents Of East Palestine: “Stay Away”

President Donald Trump is visiting East Palestine this week to tour the damage of the Norfolk Southern train derailment and clean-up efforts. This comes two weeks after the incident, which released toxic pollutants into the air, surface soils, and water.

The EPA has said that the “air is safe” but renowned 9/11 attorney Michael Barasch disagrees. He said it sent “shivers” up his spine as clients of his “are dying every single day from 9/11 toxic dust.” He warns residents of affected areas to “stay away and don’t believe the EPA.”

Barasch claims he has “lost confidence” when it comes to trusting what the EPA says about air safety following disasters like this one. He believes officials should have been more honest with people living in proximity by telling them to stay away until independent scientists can verify that it’s safe.

Ohio State Senator Michael Rulli (R) called for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s resignation over how he appeared to minimize the disaster by claiming there are a thousand train derailments each year while appearing at a National Association of Counties Conference.

Meanwhile, Ohio Mayor Trent Conaway expressed his relief that FEMA was finally sending resources two weeks later but called for testing for at least the next decade and studies by the Department of Health and Human Services.

It appears President Trump agrees as he travels to East Palestine this week to show support for those affected by this disaster and take necessary steps towards recovering from its consequences.

Biden Administration Funnels 2 Million Foreign Workers Into U.S. Despite Job Losses

The Biden administration has funneled two million additional foreign workers into the United States labor market despite 1.9 million Americans losing their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. This decision by President Joe Biden is a slap in the face to hardworking American citizens who are struggling to find employment and get back on their feet.

Native-born working-age Americans have seen a steady decline in the labor force participation rate since 2000, with 6.4 million more people missing from the workforce if the labor force participation rate was still at its 2000 level. Working-class American’s, specifically those without a bachelor’s degree between 25 and 54 years old, had only an 83.7 percent labor participation rate at the end of 2022 – a significant drop from 76.4 percent in 2000.

Adding two million foreign workers to compete for jobs drives down wages and makes it difficult for native-born Americans to find work and make ends meet – especially during such troubling times as these; when so many are suffering job loss due to COVID-19 or other economic hardships or layoffs.

The Biden administration should be focused on helping struggling Americans recover after such an unprecedented year rather than adding extra competition into the already competitive job market while ignoring those already here who need help getting back on their feet first and foremost. It is time for Congress to step up and demand that President Biden prioritize U.S.-born citizens over foreign workers when considering economic recovery plans moving forward.

Biden Blunder: $400,000 Missiles Used To Take Out $12 Balloon

The Biden Administration has been widely mocked for spending more than $1,600,000 million to shoot down what may have been only a $12 balloon. President Joe Biden addressed the nation on Thursday about the four shoot-downs that had occurred over the past two weeks involving a Chinese spy balloon and three other objects of unknown origin.

A report soon emerged that one of those objects may have been a toy balloon belonging to an Illinois-based hobbyist club. The military used AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles costing around $400,000 each to shoot down all four objects, bringing the total cost of shooting down the three still unidentified balloons to more than $1,600,000.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted: “To be fair, Biden is providing powerful deterrence for any high school science clubs that might try to invade America…” Donald Trump Jr. similarly mocked it: “Biden shot down some kids’ science project with a $400K sidewinder missile!” Former Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI) called it “the Great Balloon Panic of 2023” and said it was likely friendly fire by an F-22 fighter jet firing an expensive AIM-9X Sidewinder missile due to misunderstanding or miscommunication from the Biden Administration.

These costs do not include fuel costs for operating the F-22s or any other aircraft involved in these shoot-downs, which can reach up to almost $100,000 per hour. The costs also don’t factor in recovery operations which have been ongoing for days in three different locations looking into what happened during these mysterious incidents at sea level off Alaska’s coast earlier this month.

Could 2024 Be A Two-Way Race Between Biden And Trump?

Donald Trump is still popular among Republicans, according to a recent Harvard Cap/Harris poll. The survey found that 46 percent of respondents would vote for former President Trump in a potential Republican primary race against Governor Ron DeSantis. This support was double the 23 percent who said they would vote for the governor.

The poll also showed that if the Republican primary is a two-way race, Trump leads by 12 points over DeSantis (56-44 percent). Over half of the respondents say Trump will win the primary (54-46 percent). Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who recently entered the race, only earned six percent support—40 points less than Trump’s total support. Former Vice President Mike Pence trailed with seven percent, 39 points less than Trump’s total support.

These results are not surprising when you consider that even in a hypothetical general election matchup between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the poll found that 46 percent said they would vote for Donald Trump while 41 percent said they would choose Joe Biden.

It’s clear from this survey that Donald Trump still has strong backing among Republicans and could potentially be their nominee for president in 2024 if he decides to run again. It looks like it might be an interesting race should he decide to do so.

House Republicans Fighting To Protect Whistleblowers From Weaponization Of Federal Government

House Republicans are determined to make sure that whistleblowers feel comfortable coming forward and testifying about any government corruption they have witnessed within federal agencies. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), a member of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, declared that this element of House Republican’s work is “some of the most important” because it brings “accountability and transparency” to what everyday Americans have seen as “the weaponization of the federal government against them”.

She cited several examples, such as when the Department of Justice designated concerned parents as domestic terrorists or when the FBI targeted President Joe Biden’s political adversaries. This leads many to see that there are two sets of rules: one for well-connected Democrats and another for law-abiding Americans who hold conservative views. To bring truth to light, Stefanik said they will use subpoena power if needed, but expect a lack of cooperation from Biden’s White House and Department of Justice.

Stefanik also noted how there are good people in these agencies who may be willing to speak out against corruption. She spoke highly about rank-and-file FBI agents who are hardworking law-abiding citizens versus those politically appointed bureaucrats based in D.C., citing a report from before midterm elections which detailed multiple whistleblowers within both departments exposing abuse from their political leaders attempting to use Biden’s agenda.

For justice to be served, House Republicans must focus on making sure whistleblowers know they can come forward without fear – so all those responsible for any kind of weaponizing can be brought into account and ultimately reform these agencies so no American ever has to experience this kind of mistreatment again.