Trump Announces Sweeping Pro-American Plan To Strip China Of US Trade Dependence

Donald Trump recently released a campaign video outlining his plans for a “sweeping pro-American overhaul of our tax and trade policy” to protect the US economy from dependence on China. This plan includes implementing universal base-line tariffs on foreign goods, higher tariffs for countries that devalue their currency and reducing taxes on American producers. Additionally, it would phase out all Chinese imports of essential goods like electronics, steel, and pharmaceuticals, stop US companies from investing in China, and cut off contracts to any company outsourcing to China.

Trump criticized President Joe Biden for pushing a “pro-China globalist agenda” that has hurt the US industrial sector as he strongly believes his policies will result in millions of jobs coming back to America. He also stated that Biden is weak on China due to millions of dollars being received by the Biden family from entities tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

The New York Times reported earlier this month that the US trade deficit with China rose 8.3 percent annually to $382.9 billion – the second highest total ever recorded – while the overall deficit climbed 12.2 percent since 2021 towards the $1 trillion mark.

Trump is confident that his plan will help reduce our trade deficits with other nations and bring trillions of dollars into the country which can then be used to invest in American workers, families, and communities. He believes this new strategic manufacturing initiative is necessary if we are going to eliminate our dependence on China in all critical areas.


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