A Safe Environment & Financial Security: The Benefits of Having Ron DeSantis As Governor

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is delivering on his promise to make Florida the number one state in the nation. He’s protecting Floridians from job and vaccine mandates, providing tax relief, fighting illegal immigration, and investing in cancer research. He’s proving that he puts Floridians first by creating a safe environment for residents and visitors alike.

DeSantis has created an economic environment that encourages businesses to form in Florida with record-breaking numbers of new business formations. Also, more people are employed now than before the pandemic hit – making Florida one of the most desirable places to live and work.

Not only is DeSantis keeping Floridians safe but also he is making sure their wallets stay full too. His dedication to tax relief has resulted in over 1 billion dollars being put back into citizens’ pockets already this year. Plus, with Florida’s lowest per capita state tax burden among large states, everyone can rest easy knowing they won’t be burdened by high taxes.

Also, DeSantis has made sure Floridians have access to quality education with school choice laws that allow parents to decide where their children receive their education as well as increasing parental involvement in education – ranking first nationwide for these initiatives.

He is also fighting against illegal immigration by banning sanctuary cities, suing the Biden administration for catch-and-release policies, and transporting illegal aliens out of Florida into sanctuary jurisdictions so they can be taken care of properly without putting a strain on our resources here at home.

Finally, DeSantis launched his wife’s Cancer Connect Collaborative which will break down silos between researchers, cancer facilities, and medical providers to improve research and treatment options so those affected by cancer can get the best care in Florida.

As DeSantis says “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”


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