Pete Buttigieg’s Shocking Relationship With Disgraced Ex-Mayor Exposed

Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary in the Biden administration, is facing scrutiny for his relationship with disgraced former College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn. Wojahn was taken into custody last week on 56 child porn-related charges.

Shockingly, it has been revealed that Buttigieg and Wojahn had a close relationship. They had known each other for seven or eight years after meeting at a U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting in D.C., where Buttigieg was assigned to be Wojahn’s mentor.

Buttigieg continued to mentor Wojahn over the years, even attending White House receptions during the Obama administration with him and his husband Dave Kolesar – who also visited the White House several times since Biden became President earlier this year!

It’s outrageous that Pete Buttigieg would associate himself with someone like Patrick Wojahn – a man now charged with 40 counts of possession of exploitative child material and 16 counts of distribution of exploitative child material! How could anyone think it would be ok to spend time with such an individual?

This relationship makes us question whether Pete Buttigieg is fit for public office. It’s clear he has poor judgment when deciding who he associates himself with, which is not something we should expect from our leaders in government. We need people in power who are held accountable and have good moral standards – not those who excuse lousy behavior or look away from criminal activity.


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