Prepare Yourself: Scientists Create AI With Human Brain Cells!

Americans are being threatened by a new technology coming from John Hopkins University. Scientists there have developed something called “Organoid Intelligence” (OI). It is a form of artificial intelligence created with human brain cells that could replace traditional computing systems.

This Frankenstein-like technology has already achieved success in “programming” organic materials and was even able to play the classic video game, Pong. The scientists involved in this study plan to use organoids, which are 3D cultures of human brain cells, to solve complex problems faster than computers ever could—but at what cost?

The idea of replacing traditional silicon computer chips with living materials has caused many Americans to be concerned about the potential implications this technology could have on our society. Not only do these living materials act like our own brains, but they can also be connected to AI and machine learning technologies such as ChatGPT and Bing.

Not only that, but researchers believe this technology could also be used for medical applications such as diagnosing and treating neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. However, some people worry about the moral implications of using living material for medical research without consent or knowledge of its origin.

What will happen when OI is released into the world? We don’t know yet but one thing is certain – it will change the way we interact with technology forever! The future may bring us unimaginable advances in science and technology, but it also has the potential to create an entirely new set of problems if left unchecked or uncontrolled. We must tread carefully as we explore this new frontier.


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